_Fidlock Magnetic Lock

_Load Capacity: 20Kg

_Diameter: 32.7mm

_Hole Circle Diameter: 20mm

_It magnetically autolocks, pull down to unlock



_X-Pac X21 RC Black

_5000mm waterproof (water column: 1400:000mm)


_150 Grams per square meter

_Composition: 210den Nylon/polyester-laminate

_Abrasion resistence (ASTM 3884): 900 cycles


_WPES_B20 Polyester Webbing

_Width: 20mm

_Breaking Load: 5.2kN = 530kg

_UV resistent

_Made in Finland




_YKK AquaGuard


_Weight: 27 grams/meter

_Width: 33mm

_Chain width: 6mm

_Made in US



_Spacer Fabric 3D-MESH

_Weight: 390 grams/meter

_Material: polyester (PES)

_Air breathing

_Made in Germany


_ adjustable lenght 
_ elastic enclosure for every lenght
_ the inside is still always accessible through the back zipper

_1 neoprene pc pocket
_2 X-PAC small objects pockets
_every pocket is accessible trough rolltop or through back zipper

_ X-PAC is 5000 mm waterproof
_ YKK zip is water repellent
_have fun outdoor, don't mind the storm and enjoy the calm after it

>lateral hook on system
- you can attach to ii pocket modules
- we will drop pocket modules in the future
- it can be used to carry on whatever you want

>Back zipper
_quick access to everything inside the backpack without using the rolltop
_ direct access to pc pocket
_direct access to double X-PAC small pocket inside